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Salty Swagger

"I'm a good girl...I'm just not very convincing."

Marie Randolph Drake (Randy)
25 March
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(OOC: This is the IC journal of Marie (Randy) Randolph Drake and her underworld alterego Bruno, a character on a text-based game called Hogwarts Express. Please do not assume you know any of this information ICly unless you have worked out something where you get a hold of this journal ICly. Please page me in game if you are interested. A word of warning, this journal may not always be PG and in fact, often times it won't, though all logs posted above PG-13 will have ratings and be lj-cut)
(A little info: Randy is the daughter of a pirate and an ex-Auror. Being such, don't be surprised if she's both a klepto and a protector, among other dichotomies. XD)

On the front of this rustic worn leather journal are some words that have been engraved,
"Here Lies Marie Randolph Drake.
Return it at your own risk."