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S. Africa

I believe I have escaped one horror to jump into another one.  A large underbelly of crime.  This place.  People hold me in contempt, perhaps even hatred just for the color of my skin.  I have been here a few weeks and am now considering polyjuicing a native while I'm about.  As a gimp, as a white woman alone here, I scream that I want to be robbed, I want to be raped, spat at, etc without ever moving my lips.  I can already see there will be no flings down here.  I shouldn't dare it.  If I was found out, I probably wouldn't make it out alive.  Then there is the presence of the Dark Lord down here, and the dark magic.  People are afraid at every turn, and they are outraged inside.

I have had to use my knuckledusters already...twice in defense.  When I'm about, the men try to escort me at all times.  It's a little nervewracking, but entirely necessary.  Even having men with you won't really stop people from accosting you with their eyes, words, and sometimes more in the alleyways.  I don't go out at night.  The native women despise me here, well the blacks do.

Headquarters is small, a grassroots affair.  I can see why it's taken so long to even keep this going.  I am the only woman cursebreaker here, and I could tell the men were happy to see me.  I think one of them fancies me already.  One of them thinks I'm annoying (I like him better).  Even if I wanted to go anywhere by myself, they have told me explicitly that I am not allowed.  They cannot permit me to, since I am a lady.  I told them I was going on the seafaring expedition, on the Medea, next week, alone.

Finally I will get to do some work unsupervised or doled out.  Everything I've had so far has been the most delicate of work.

They asked me if I had chosen a specialty yet back home.  I told them.  Two of them laughed.  One of them was aghast.  I already hate these men.  It's a good thing I'll be going out on that boat next week.  Let's just hope I can hold out on garroting them until then.

I haven't told anyone back home what it's been like.  From the papers I'm getting, it's just getting worse, and it seems like the UK is making the international papers every day.  I can see why I was sent here.  I don't think there are many women who could take it down here, and this place has changed the men.  I'm not sure exactly how yet, but-I will write Paige and Kauton tonight.  I'm hoping to get my hands on a cursed object tomorrow, if I can get it underneath the men's noses.  The meet is at the market, so it should be hectic enough.

I fear what will come in my first letter from the UK.  Most of all, I fear that they will not come at all.  My family, my friends.  I love you.